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To see how much you can really make with our program, just enter the number of people you think you'll be able to sponsor over the next few months and click "Calculate". I think you'll be amazed by your monthly income potential...

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* 5x5 Monthly Matrix commissions and matching bonuses combined. Doesn't include the additional potential earnings in the 1x4 matrix or your Fast-Start Bonuses. Please read the compensation plan below details for more information. This example is not a promise or guarantee of income but simply represents your potential earnings. Individual earnings may vary.

There has never been anything that pays like this and only costs $10 per month!

Our PayPlan is a unique 2-in-1 multiple income stream downline system that pays out BIG and is designed to create some real  long-term wealth.

It pays out in 3 amazings ways:

1. Monthly Referral bonuses on all of your personal referrals - paid every month!!

2. Monthly commissions on a forced 5x5 downline.

3. HUGE 100% monthly matching bonuses on all of your personal referrals!

There are no sponsoring requirements to receive payments, and NO limits to your earnings.

The NPN has created the most complete,  lucrative long-term payplan in existance!

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